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1979-80 - Shelley Berkley
1980-81 - Lisa LaVelle
1981-82 -Charlane Bigelow Stead
1982-83 - Marti Ashcraft
1983-84 - Carolyn Ellsworth
1984-85 - Nannette Brown
1985-86  - Nancy Somers
1986-87 - Nancy Becker
1987-88 - Carolyn Ellsworth
1988-89 - Gloria Sturman
1989-90 - Illysa Fogel
1990-91 - Bonnie Bulla
1991-92 - Elana Hatch
1992-93 - Kendal Sue Bird
1993-94 - Susan Wasko

1994-95 - Jane Eberhardy

For more than three decades the Southern Nevada Association of Women Attorneys (SNAWA) has offered support, networking opportunities and guidance for personal and professional development to women at all stages and in all sections of the legal community. The first meeting was held in 1979, in the children's playroom of the home of its first President, Shelley Berkley. Since then, SNAWA has become a major force among attorney organizations in Southern Nevada.

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1995-96 - Rhonda Gross
1996-97 - Michelle Morgando
1997-98 - Lona Monson Groover
1998-99 - Deanne Rymarowicz
1999-00 - CiCi Cunningham
2000-01 - Elizabeth Brickfield
2001-02 - Susan Scann
2002-04 - Kathleen Murphy
2004-06 - Elissa Cadish
2006-07 - Denise Mikrut
2007-09 - Charlotte Bible
2009-11 - Jacqueline Ackerman
2011-13 - Kristina Holman
2013-14 - Kathleen M. Maynard

2014-16 - Kathleen Paustian


SNAWA has strived to present events that differ from the run-of-the-mill attorney get-togethers. Early SNAWA events included a judicial reception, held in the home of now retired Justice Miriam Shearing; an annual barbeque, hosted by Sally Loehrer when she was a District Court Judge, and a New Admittees Brunch hosted by Shelley Berkley to welcome attorneys recently admitted to the Nevada Bar.


judges, Justices, partners, in-house lawyers, and law schools have devotedly hosted numerous social gatherings ranging from informal wine socials to prestigious black tie affairs. It is no surprise that the New Admittees Brunch and Thanksgiving in October have become annual traditions.

While these events serve as highlights throughout the year, SNAWA also presents monthly lunch meetings for members and guests. Aside from the chance to break bread with female attorneys, the luncheons feature captivating speakers, often with CLE credit available to our members, and serve as an opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions about issues that shape our careers and our legal community.

Many people may not understand why the support of other women attorneys is important. After all, women do make up a substantial part of the legal profession. But just last year it was reported that the median income of woman lawyers is only 74% of that of male lawyers, demonstrating that gender inequities continue in the profession. Indeed, while 45% of associate positions are held by women, the American Bar Association's recent 2013 statistics reveal that only 20% of women become partners- and only 15% equity partners! SNAWA recognizes the need for advancing women's interests and believes that, with a little help from our friends, female lawyers can have it all- success in both our personal and professional lives.

2016- Present - Diane Welch

July 6  CLE Luncheon

Please join us as Nevada Supreme Court Justice Michael Douglas shares how the Commission is addressing the limited access to justice for persons of limited means in Nevada, and the impact on our society.  
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Aug. 3  Networking Luncheon
Our August luncheon will focus on building connections among our members.  

Sept. 7  CLE Luncheon

Get the latest update on marijuana law in Nevada.



September 15, 2017

The Recipient is the Hon. Shelley Berkley

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